Are Branches Taking Over Your Backyard?

Are Branches Taking Over Your Backyard?

Create a picture-perfect yard with tree trimming in Bradford and all of Central Maine

Your trees bring your property to life. But they need regular maintenance to keep looking great. With the right tree trimming service, your trees can provide cooling shade and boost your curb appeal far into the future by removing trees or branches that are disrupting your view.

At Tucker's Tree Service, we pride ourselves on full-service tree pruning and trimming in Bradford and all of Central Maine. Our team offers limb weight reduction, old limb removal and custom trimming services. We can climb into trees to get the hard-to-reach limbs, and we'll haul away the branches when we're done.

Let us show you what we can do for your trees-email us now.

Discover the advantages of professional tree trimming

It's best to leave tree care to an arborist who brings years of experience to the table. When you go with Tucker's Tree Service for tree trimming and pruning, you can enjoy:

  • Healthy trees that continue to grow well
  • Added curb appeal for your property
  • A safe environment around your home


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